Our Programs

Our programs are built around age groups. However, we are very conscious and sensitive to each child’s unique level of comprehension and attention. The same program will be tweaked and changed based on a child’s individual aptitude and personality. We feel most people tend to forget no two children are the same. Just like adults, kids too are unique and different from one another.

Six weeks to two-year-olds

In our Ladybug classroom, we have an atmosphere that is comfortable, safe, secure, and loving. Infants are stimulated through consistent bonding and interaction with the teachers. Some of the various forms of stimuli used may include comforting the kids when they are experiencing separation anxiety. Communication with infants helps them develop language skills. We utilize basic sign language to aid in communication as well.

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Two to Three-Year-Olds

In the Butterfly classroom, early preschoolers enjoy daily small group educational experiences. With their teachers as their facilitator, they have the opportunity to talk and learn from each other as they explore new content. Our two-year-old classroom has a variety of learning centers that allow the children to plan their play. Blocks and building, imaginary play, math and science, language, music, art and sensory centers provide a rich

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Three to Four-Year-Olds

Our Busy Bee classroom is divided into two classrooms. Our centers are designed to provide children’s independence and are equipped with invitations that promote unique learning opportunities. We believe that your child should have a balanced day. We create the perfect mix between quiet and active times, large and small group learning, child-initiated activities and teacher facilitated activities to create a day full of learning and fun!

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Four to Entry into 1st Grade

All Pre/K classrooms are set-up with unique learning centers that encourage children to be self-sufficient and understand basic concepts. Our child-centered room arrangement allows children to move freely from one interest center to the next, giving them the opportunity to make plans and choices in their environment.

We believe the preschool years are fundamentally important in providing a foundation for self-esteem: cooperation, social values of sharing, and friendship: respect and understanding for others from different backgrounds: and developing a foundation for future academic achievement.

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