18 Months – 2 1/2 Years Old

Our 18 month old to 2 1/2 year old class is called the Butterfly classroom. The Curriculum is designed to allow children to learn through play while encouraging and observing their individual interests. Early preschoolers enjoy daily small group experiences. The Butterfly class has a variety of learning centers that allow children to plan their play. Block and building, imaginary play, math, use of utensils and family-style eating habit are highly promoted at this age. We understand that young learners enjoy the process of creating more than the product they create thus we encourage them to discover their creativity through a variety of small group activities.

They have the opportunity to mold, squish, splash and pour with different materials all done in a closely monitored setting. Children are given open-ended materials like boxes, paper, plastic lids and fabrics with which they combine in different ways and use to explore their creativity.


The core areas of development are:

Language: Our teachers plan daily small group language activities.  We create a balanced approach to literacy by incorporating the following types of activities: puppets, felt stories, dramatic play, and variety of books and matching games songs and group story time.

Science, thinking & Curiosity: How does it work? Where does it come from? As children wonder about the natural world, and how it works they are engaged in scientific thinking.  We encourage this for example by providing magnifying glasses to further their observation.

We provide easy everyday equipment to put together.  We also bring in insects in small fish tanks and provide them with pictures and information about those insects in their natural habitat so they may better understand them.

Butterfly Programs

Math: Two-year-olds use mathematical thinking to understand their world.  Through a variety of integrated small groups, our teachers facilitate their use of mathematical thinking.  How much? How big? How many? What comes next?  These are all important math questions that children can explore.

Creative Art: Art for two-year-olds is all in the exploring of art materials.  Teachers encourage their little artists to use their senses to experience the process of art.  We provide a variety of activities that include the following: painting, stamping, scribbling, smearing, gluing, sticking etc.

Sensory Activities: Each of our classrooms are equipped with a sensory table that allows for hands-on exploration of various textures, materials, etc.  You will be amazed at the variety of activities we plan, to engage children and their five senses.

Enrollment Process:

Our enrollment process is quite simple – once you have toured our facilities, all your questions are answered and have received full rates/payment options (Infant and Preschool prices are different), then you are given a packet of documents to complete. The packet consists of the basic Department of Social Services licensing forms (child’s information, emergency contact, immunization, etc.) as well as Tiny Thinkers Preschool enrollment forms. After all of the forms are completed, your child can attend Tiny Thinkers Preschool.

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