Lady Bugs

Six Weeks to Two-Year-Olds

This is our Ladybug classroom. The first year of life is a very important time for your child’s development as a result, we provide every infant with a secure and healthy environment filled with warm adult interactions that encourage them to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Because every infant has a unique way of sleeping, eating and playing, our caregivers and parents set-up personalized plan that is updated and reviewed regularly to meet each child’s individual needs. Growth and developmental milestones are shared with parents and progress are recorded on daily basis. We fill their rooms with toys and books to promote discovery and awareness.

Exploration of texture, color patterns, shapes, size, smell, sound, and taste are encouraged at this stage. Our little toddlers focus on exploring their environment with adequate guidance from our trained and experienced caregivers. At this age, they gain socialization skills, begin to develop language abilities and equally play with their peers. We create daily activities to strengthen growth, cognitive and language skills that they will use to transition to the preschool classroom.

Enrollment Process:

Our enrollment process is quite simple – once you have toured our facilities, all your questions are answered and have received full rates/payment options (Infant and Preschool prices are different), then you are given a packet of documents to complete. The packet consists of the basic Department of Social Services licensing forms (child’s information, emergency contact, immunization, etc.) as well as Tiny Thinkers Preschool enrollment forms. After all of the forms are completed, your child can attend Tiny Thinkers Preschool.

What The Parents Say